5 Values Of A Montessori Education

Montessori schools are not just any learning environment. These unique schools are run according to the observations of educator Maria Montessori, who was able to see the development of young children in a bold new light. These...

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4 Ways To Boost Your Grade In An Online Classroom

If you’re facing an online class for the first time, you might be worried about obtaining high marks that will improve your GPA. Online classrooms can feel quite intimidating at first, since you’re in charge of...

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Um... What is a Dissertation?

Students A dissertation largely involves doing real and in depth research on your topic of choice in order to graduate with a degree.

Picky Picky

Study Because at least the next year of study and research will be dedicated to your dissertation, you should choose something you are passionate about.

Defence is the Best Offence

Diploma Upon completion, you'll “defend” your dissertation with a board of dissertees who decide whether you've done a job well done, and deserve to graduate.